Baking and eating

My first try baking pineapple tarts

I always try to spend Chinese New Year overseas because I don’t like the crowds. Combined with the crazy hot weather that always seems to accompany the first two days, the only reason I look forward to it is because of the two-day holiday!

Since A and I can’t escape the madness this year, I’ve decided to focus on the only part I like – the Chinese New Year goodies :)

Pineapple tarts, all ready to go!

Pineapple tarts have got to be my favourite. Tangy jam on buttery, melt-in-your-mouth pastry… So. Good. In the spirit of embracing every single day, I’ve stopped wishing for the perfect pineapple tarts, and tried making my own.

Three hours later, the jam is done

I used the recipe here for the pineapple jam. Turns out that if you use ripe pineapples, you may not need to use as much sugar.

I tried Thai pineapples, which taste amazing. Couldn’t stop licking my fingers while making the jam. Mmmm!

TIP: Use ripe pineapples, and less sugar. Make the jam a day before bake day, roll it into little jam balls after it’s cooled, and store in the fridge.

I used the recipe here for the pineapple tarts pastry. If you’re a fan of buttery, melty, pastry like me, you may end up ‘testing’ quite a bit as you bake!

The hardest part is rubbing in the butter – your forearms will get a really good workout :)

TIP: It’s easier to get a cleaner shape with your pineapple tart cutter if you roll the dough slightly thicker, and press down firmly.

Rolling and cutting

Cutting pastry shells

Here’s the combined ingredients list, taken from the recipe links above. I made about 80 pineapple tarts, with some dough leftover.

For the jam

2 ripe pineapples (the ones from Thailand tasted better)
250g sugar (you probably won’t use it all)

For the pastry

400g plain flour
50g corn flour
1/4 tsp (heaped) salt
280g cold, unsalted butter (don’t let it soften!)
3 egg yolks, beaten
3 tbsp cold/ice water
6 tbsp icing sugar
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp water (for the glaze)


The only special thing you’ll need is a pineapple tart cutter. You can’t use a normal cookie cutter. You can get them online from Brown Cookie, or from Phoon Huat in Singapore.

The best part of baking has got to eating the freshest pineapple tarts I’ve ever had. Warm, buttery pastry that’s light, slightly crisp, and topped with warm, tangy jam. Best afternoon treats ever!

Baking and eating