Inspire Me Fridays – Live your life


After a week of office shenanigans, a reminder to keep your eyes on the prize, and not get dragged down by the daily toil. Go go Friday!


Friday Fantasies

It’s the end of the week, and I’m tired. Wouldn’t life be better if the work week was only 4-days long? :) It’s on days like this that I’m especially glad to have friends like S to keep me going. She always shares the best websites and photos to tempt me, and remind me why I look forward to payday.

Today’s fuel – street styles from Paris Fashion Week.

Runway styles are aspirational, but street styles are inspirational – for me at least! I love finding out how other ladies are mixing it up, creating their own style, and making it their own. Fashion is so much more than just ‘looking nice’. It’s about who you are (or want to be), and telling a story with what you wear.

Here are my favourites from PopSugar’s gorgeous selection, and what I think the back story could be (all imaginary of course!) What’s your story?


Reposted from PopSugar. Source: Imaxtree

Those red heels and sweet bag say ‘I’m all sugar and spice’. She’s a sweetheart with a generous dose of naughtiness, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind (or step on your heart)


Reposted from PopSugar. Source: Getty/Timur Emek

Some girls like to dream, others live out their fantasy. She chases her dreams, and isn’t afraid to buck convention. Why do we have to live by the rules? They’re made to be broken.


Reposted from PopSugar. Source: Getty/Timur Emek

“You think you know me? I don’t think so. I’m black and white, and everything between. My moods change with the wind, you can’t define me with stereotypes.”